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Arizona Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Epoxy

We are excited to bring a new standard in high quality garage floor epoxy coatings to Arizona. We start our process at color selection and all the way through our thorough preparation and signature application process you will receive the options, quality and longest lasting epoxy product in the state.

Concrete Floor Coatings Built For Performance

With a 70-year track record that speaks for itself, our epoxy flooring line is one of kind. We are introducing Arizona to the highest quality products on the market today. Our polymer coating solutions have been tested and refined from engineers to offer consistent results with confidence that your project will look amazing while standing the test of time.

Quality Products & Advanced Application

Create stunning results for your garage. Gone are the days of unfinished, oily, storage packed and car parked concrete rooms, called garages. Welcome to Phoenix’s new standard in garage floor coatings. With our array of options you choose a color, decorative look and pattern to match your decor and style.

A free consultation is a phone call or email away. When you’re searching for epoxy garage flooring in Arizona that you can count on, look to the professionals at Color Pride.

Our goal is to provide to walk our clients through a process of consistency. The products we offer have been lab and weather tested to ensure the results you are for are the results you receive. Not only does our epoxy product line durability and performance but it provides the aesthetics you expect every time.

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